The package makes a profit more than I have you choose you with the thing which made recommendation a set one by one.

Ubud Wellness Royal Package is made in particular advantageous setting more than 20% than I have you choose you one by one.



The private room where a brook flows through the massage room behind.

Please spend a time of healing while hearing the murmuring.

The oil uses oil of the nature material which I developed originally in us which I harvested in Bali.

Ritual Kumkuman Body Wellness

Rp.385,000  180Minutes

This treatment begin with 1 hour Oriental Ubud Wellness Body Massage, Boreh Body scrub, Honey & Tamarind body wrap Selected flowers with fragrant put in the kumkuman water apply on your body from hair to the whole body during you enjoy your Kumkuman body bath.

Beauty Package

Rp.455,000  120Minutes

Dedicate especially to the beauty  of your Hair, Face, hand and feet. This beauty package treatment is a combination of aromatherapy facial, hair & scalp conditioning treatment, pedicure and manicure. Deep cleansing of your toes and fingers, include shoulder hand and foot massage and scrub.

Ubud Wellness Royal Package

Rp.675,000  240Minutes

Total luxurious esthetics spa experiences centre on the ancient rich Indonesian traditions of "taking the waters", a series of spa treatments designed to comfort, to purify,  re mineralize, nourish and rejuvenate or contour the body, and awaken the beauty and wellness within.
Ubud wellness Ritual foot bath, Aromatherapy Ritual,Relaxation, Oriental full Body  Massage, Boreh Body Scrub, Tamarind & Honey Body polish, Mini facial, Akar wangi flowers bath, Organic creambath, Manicure & Pedicure